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Dads in the Kitchen

Research shows that children don’t want expensive holidays, computers or bikes, what they would rather have is time with their dad doing something fun.
Winter is a great time to be in the kitchen. It’s too wet to play football & too dark for outdoor pursuits, and time with dad shouldn’t just be reserved for Father’s Day.

Tired of grunts and mono syllabic answers from your kids? An evening in the kitchen sharing the challenges, the highs and lows of preparing your own meal is a fantastic way to bond with your child; before you know it you’ll be having a conversation!

On arrival at Cookingmania you will be given your aprons, and a moment to have a look around our kitchen. Our chef will then demonstrate the menu, after which your work begins! Operating as a team, and under the watchful eye of our chef, you will cook the dishes. The session closes with everyone sitting down to enjoy the fantastic food they have just created.

Director of Fathers Direct, said: "A lot of us worry that being a good dad means paying for the latest new computer game or toy. It puts pressure on us to work harder when in fact our children most want us involved in activities that cost nothing more than time."

Cost is £60 per session for father and 1 child (Suitable for children from 10+)

If you would be interested in attending a class please contact us at [email protected]  

Pre-University Student Cookery
August/September/October 2010
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